laser show

This is a cutting technology is a kind of high power microwave laser pointers transmitter installed in the 20 foot container. It in the Star Trek fictional name weapon Phaser high powered laser pointer in the name .The whole system is powered by a diesel generator, can operate independently of.Phaser towards the incoming UAV microwave high powered laser energy jet is short, the control system and the engine failure crashed.The U.S. military is testing a weapon laser show called “Phaser”, can quietly downed drone cluster is flying.pared with other anti UAV technology, Phaser has more advantages. The United States Army Air Defense Forces always have an laser pointers overwhelming advantage, for decades almost never encounter opponents, now from the ISIS to the potential threat of routine high powered laser pointer play and increasingly sophisticated UAV cluster technology to make army air defence forces began to pay attention to the feasibility high powered laser of directional weapon against UAV cluster operations.rate of heat input thulium doped fiber laser pointers in the strict control, which makes the engagement surface of the heat input is strictly controlled. Further experiments laser show show that butt welding and lap welding can form a transparent optical interface, this technique can also be applied to other kinds of joint surface structure, laser The laser pointers beam has a pointers such as fillet welding, spot welding, and welding spike. Can also be used for edge welding, end welding, fillet welding and T shape welding.basic relationship high powered laser pointer is almost suitable for all welding processes. When two layers of transparent laser pointers polymer fixed together, it is possible to realize welding by adjusting the welding speed. It is a penetrating high powered laser optical multilayer polypropylene transparent materials and welding. With thulium doped laser beams is increased, we can clearly see the melting laser pointers the main part of the material with certain depth. With the relative motion between laser show the laser beam and the workpiece, controllable welding depth is dependent on the laser power and the displacement velocity.No light effect, high powered laser pointer scanner can all-weather detection task, and the detection effect is not by day or night and driving many of the function of the camera sensor reach which is currently unmanned.

In addition, pulsed beams are essentially infrared wave, not by the electromagnetic wave effect, therefore, the signal source can interfere the high powered laser scanner in general application environment is not much system suitable for highly automated.Anti active jamming ability, pulse laser show radar transmitter aperture beam of very small, the receiver can receive the pulse beam area is very narrow, laser pointers therefore, by other infrared radar beam interference opportunity is very small.with other similar output power of the laser system, optical fiber high powered laser pointer device, coupled with the expected 100000 hours of uninterrupted operation of the service life of the diode is obviously lower maintenance costs. In addition, due to the design of fiber laser has the advantages of compact structure, simple operation, the optical fiber can access up to 200 m, it is especially suitable for those in need high power, flexible transmission and high mobility high powered laser source.People have been developed for high power laser source, high powered laser equipment, however, because of the electro-optical conversion efficiency is only 6%, and the huge, so whether it is simple or pump source, diode pumped laser source, still can not win over solid laser show source. With the further increase the output power of fiber laser, fiber laser is started to promote the application of the original can only use CO2 laser source. In the past three years, a variety of laser source used in the field of industry, the importance of laser pointers laser has been increasingly prominent.